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NIST Recommended Practice Guides -- The "How-To-Measure" Book Series

Targeted toward specific industrial challenges, these practical, user-friendly guides are based on the extensive experience of NIST researchers and include discussions of

·    how to measure properly,

·    what to measure,

·    which technique to use, and

·    how to interpret results.


Material Measurement Laboratory

Selected NIST-Recommended Practice Guides in Material Sciences


Courtesy of
SRD31, Phase Equillibria Diagrams http://www.nist.gov/srd/nist31.cfm
SRD 84, Inorgranic Crystal Structure Database http:// www.nist.gov/srd/nist84.cfm


General Discussion of Phase Diagrams, FP Hall, H Insley, EM Levin, HF McMurdie and CR Robbins

Particle Size Characterization, Ajit Jillavenkatesa, Lin-Sien H. Lum and Stanley Dapkunas (SP 960-1).

The Fundamentals of Neutron Powder Diffraction, John Copley (SP 960-2).

The Use of Nomenclature in Dispersion Science and Technology, Vincent Hackley and Chiara F. Ferraris (SP 960-3).

Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials, Sam Low (SP 960-5).

Capacitance Cell Measurement of the Out-of-Plane Expansion of Thin Films , Chad Snyder and Frederick Mopsik (SP-960-7).

Test Procedures for Developing Solder Data, Thomas A. Siewert and Carol A. Handwerker (SP 960-8)

Surface Engineering Measurement Standards for Inorganic Materials, Stanley J. Dapkunas (SP 960-9).

X-Ray Topography, David R. Black and Gabrielle G. Long (SP 960-10).

Data Evaluation Theory and Practice for Materials Properties, Ronald G. Munro (SP 960-11)

Pore Characterization in Low-k Dielectric Films Using X-ray Reflectivity: X-ray Porosimetry, Christopher L. Soles, Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K. Lin, and Wen-li Wu (SP 960-13)

DTA and Heat-flux DSC Measurements and Alloy Melting and Freezing, William Boettinger, Ursula Kattner and Kil-Won Moon, NIST (SP 960-15)

Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses, George D. Quinn, NIST (SP 960-16, with errata)

Porosity and Specific Surface Area Measurements for Solid Materials, Peter Klobes and Klaus Meyer, BAM and Ronald Munro, NIST (SP 960-17)

Computing Uncertainty for Charpy Impact Machine Test Results, Joelen D. Splett, H.K. Lyer, C.-M. Wang, C.N. McCowan (SP 960-18)

Measurement Issues in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Stephen Freiman, Stephanie Hooker, Kalman Migler, Sivaram Arepalli (SP 960-19) 

For more NIST Recommended Practice Guides, visit http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/factsheet/practiceguides.cfm

For the complete list of NIST Standard Refernce Data, visit
The NIST Data Gateway at http://www.nist.gov/srd/index.cfm