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Licensing NIST Technologies

Licensing NIST Inventions

The Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) works with partners to license NIST patented inventions. Parties interested in licensing an issued patent or patent application to conduct further research on and/or commercialize NIST technology can obtain a license application on-line or from TPO.

Commercial licenses can be granted both exclusively and non-exclusively by specific field of use. Research licenses are only granted on a non-exclusive basis. For further information, please contact the Licensing Officer,

To browse available technologies, please visit NISTTECH.

How to Apply for a License 

To license a NIST technology, please complete and submit a license application form, or research license application form, to the Technology Partnerships Office (TPO). The TPO Licensing Officer will work with you to discuss terms, license availability, and how NIST can work with you.

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Request for Waiver of the U.S. Manufacturing Requirement in Licenses to Extramural Inventions.

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The forms on this page are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. This software may be downloaded without charge. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not accessible, you may request a paper copy from the Webmaster. Forms may be downloaded and distributed.

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