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Intelligent Systems Division Staff Directory

Intelligent Systems Division Staff Directory Office (735.00)
Al Wavering
Division Chief 301-975-3418
Kevin Jurrens
Deputy Division Chief 301-975-5486
Alma Duke
Division Administrative Office Assistant
Debbie Russell Visual Information Specialist 301-975-3419
Amy Tasker
Administrative Officer

Sensing and Perception Systems Group (735.11)
Mike Shneier Group Leader 301-975-3421
Jennifer Peyton
Administrative Office Assistant
Geraldine S. Cheok Research Structural Engineer 301-975-6074
Dr. Marek Franaszek Physical Scientist 301-975-6408
Dr. Kamel S. Saidi Guest Researcher 301-975-6069
Will Shackleford Electronics Engineer 301-975-4286

Cognition and Collaboration Systems Group (735.12)
Craig Schlenoff
Group Leader 301-975-3456
Jennifer Peyton Administrative Office Assistant
Tony Downs Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3436
Dr. Roger Eastman Guest Researcher 301-975-6089
Dr. Tsai Hong Computer Scientist 301-975-3444
Hui-Min Huang Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3427
Dr. Zeid Kootbally Guest Researcher 301-975-3428
Dr. Tom Kramer Guest Researcher 301-975-3518
Emile Morse
Guest Researcher 301-975-8239
Anthony Pietromartire
Guest Researcher 301-975-3434
Dr. Mili Shah Guest Researcher 301-975-3448
Dr. Brian Weiss Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4373


Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group (735.13)
Elena Messina
Group Leader 301-975-3510
Beth Moylan
Administrative Office Assistant
Roger Bostelman Electronics Engineer 301-975-3426
Dr. Nicholas G. Dagalakis Mechanical Engineer 301-975-5845
Joe Falco Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3455
Chuck Giauque Engineering Technician 301-975-2878
Adam Jacoff Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4235
Dr. Yong Kim Guest Researcher 301-975-8081
Dr. Jeremy Marvel
Computer Scientist
Rick Norcross General Engineer 301-975-3440
Seung Ho Yang Guest Researcher 301-975-8081
Jae Myung Yoo Guest Researcher 301-975-8081

Networked Control Systems Group (735.14)
Fred Proctor Group Leader 301-975-3425
Cathy Shupe Administrative Office Assistant
Lisa Fronczek Electronics Engineer 301-975-6633
John Horst Electronics Engineer 301-975-3430
Mike Huff
Engineering Technician 301-975-6610
John Michaloski Computer Scientist 301-975-3458
Bill Rippey Guest Researcher
Eugene Song Guest Researcher 301-975-6542
Keith Stouffer Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3877
Ann Virts Electronics Technician 301-975-5068

Production Systems Group (735.15)
M. Alkan Donmez Group Leader 301-975-6618
Connie Kramar Administrative Office Assistant
Dr. Ronnie R. Fesperman
Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3620
Dr. Jason Gorman Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3446
Dr. Brandon Lane
Post-Doctorate 301-975-5471
Dr. Viswanathan Madhavan
Guest Researcher
Dr. Shawn Moylan
Mechanical Engineer 301-975-4352
Dick Rhorer Guest Researcher 301-975-5476
Dr. John Slotwinski
Physicist 301-975-2171
Dr. Clayton E. Teague Guest Researcher 301-975-6601
Greg Vogl
Mechanical Engineer 301-975-3198

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Engineering Laboratory (EL)

Intelligent Systems Division (735)
Al Wavering, Chief
Amy Tasker, Administrative Officer

General Information:
Alma Duke, Division Administrative Office Assistant
301-975-3418 Telephone
301-990-9698 Facsimile

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8230
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-8230